Know about India!

 Know about India!


National Flag

Our National Flag is a tricolour with deep saffron at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportion. The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is 2:3. In the centre of the white band is a navy blue wheel known as Ashok Chakra. It has 24 spokes.

Each colour of the flag has its own
significance :
Saffron — signifies courage and
White — signifies truth and peace
Green — signifies faith and prosperity
The wheel is a symbol of progress round
the clock.

National Emblem

Our National Emblem is a Lion Capital,
adopted from the Ashoka’s Pillar at
Sarnath. It has four lions, standing back
to back, mounted on a base. However
only three lions are visible, the fourth
one remains hidden from the front view.
There is a Dharam Chakra in the centre
of the base, on the right of which is a
figure of a bull and on the left that of a
horse. The words Satyamev Jayate
(Truth Alone Triumphs) are inscribed
below the base.

National Anthem

Jana-gana-mana is our National
Anthem. It was composed originally in
Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore. 
The playing time of our National Anthem is about 52 seconds.

National Song

Vande Mataram is our National Song. It
was composed originally in Sanskrit by
Bankim Chandra Chatterji. It has been
taken from his novel Anand Math.

National Calendar

Saka is our National Calendar. Chaitra
is the first month and Phalguna is the
last month of the Saka year. A normal
Saka year has 365 days.

National Flower

Lotus is our National Flower. It is a
sacred flower and occupies a unique
position in the art and mythology of
ancient India.

National Bird

Peacock is our National Bird. It was
declared the National Bird in 1964 and
its hunting has since been banned.

National Animal

Tiger is our National Animal. It is a
symbol of grace, strength, agility and
enormous power. To check the
dwindling population of tigers in India,
‘Project Tiger’ was launched in April

National Game

Hockey is our National Game. India has
won 8 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze
medals in Olympics.

India is the seventh largest and the
second most populous country in the
world. Here are some important facts
about India :

Official name — Republic of India
Local names — Bharat, Hindustan
Area — 32,87,263 sq. km
Population — 1,24,14,91,960
Capital — New Delhi
Currency — Rupee
Timezone — GMT+5.5
Location on world map — Southern
Official languages — Hindi and
Number of states — 29
Number of union territories — 7
Largest state — Rajasthan
Smallest state — Goa
Most populous state — Uttar Pradesh
Least populous state — Sikkim
Most densely populated state — West
Most densely populated city — New

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