How much do you know about 1901?

How much do you know about 1901?


1. The worlds first billion dollar corporation, U.S Steel, is founded by whom?

2. The first ever transatlantic telegraphic transmission is sent.Who demonstrated

its possibilities?

3. Which set of awards for intellectual achievement are handed out for the first


4. Which Academic Institute is responsible for choosing the winners?

5. Which Italian opera composer dies at the age of 88?

6. Which country is unified as a commonwealth and a British dominion?

7. The first major oil ‘gusher’ is brought in at Bearmont,Texas.What is it called? 

8. An American zoologist proposes that sex in mammals and animals is

determined by an extra chromosome. His name?

9. What uprising is formally ended in China by the Peace of Peking?

10. William McKinley becomes the third U.S. President to be assassinated in office.

His assassin is a Polish born anarchist.What is his name?

11. Who is McKinley’s Vice-President, sworn in to the Presidency after McKinley’s


12. Which reigning British monarch dies on the 22nd of January this year?

13. What does Russia demand from China?

14. For the first time a music hall performer is invited to perform before King

Edward VII.Who is he? 

15. Which novel, telling the story of an Indian-born orphan who joins the British

Secret Service, is published this year?


1. J.P.Morgan. 2. Guglielmo Marconi. 3.The Nobel Prizes. 4.The Karolinska Institute.

5. Giuseppe Verdi. 6.Australia. 7. Spindletop. 8. Clarence E. McClung. 9.The Boxer

Rebellion. 10. Leon Czolgosz. 11.Theodore Roosevelt. 12. Nova Persei. 13.The

province of Manchuria. 14. Dan Leno. 15.Kim.

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