How much do you know about 1902? (WORLD HISTORY)

 How much do you know about 1902?


1. In Britain, secondary level schooling for all children is ensured by the passing

of which Act of Parliament?

2. Which country is the first to introduce universal suffrage?

3. Two British physiologists. Sir William Bayliss and Ernest Starling discover

secretin and propose a term for secretions which act upon other organs

through the bloodstream.What is the term?

4. Which Russian revolutionary activist escapes from Siberia?

5. Which volcano in Martinique erupts, killing 50,000 people? 

6. Which country officially abolishes the death penalty?

7. Which Russian-born, naturalised British author writes the novel Heart of

Darkness, published this year?

8. Name the King of Spain crowned this year.

9. The Boer War ends with the signing of which treaty?

10. A new Sherlock Holmes mystery is published.What is it called?

11. Which great French man of letters dies in Paris at the age of 62?

12. Which British monarch is crowned this year?

13. A man whose name has become synonymous with British imperialism dies.

Who is he?

14. Which English physicist asserts the existence of an ionised, gaseous layer

capable of reflecting radio waves?

15. The famous author and satirist, writer of ‘Erewhon’ and ‘The Way of all Flesh’

dies this year.What is his name?


1.The Education Act. 2.Australia. 3. Hormones. 4. Leon Trotsky. 5. Mount Pelee. 6.

Russia. 7. Joseph Conrad. 8.Alfonso XIII. 9.The Peace of Vereeniging. 10.The Hound

of the Baskervilles. 11. Emile Zola. 12. King Edward VII. 13. Cecil Rhodes. 14. Oliver

Heaviside. 15. Samuel Butler

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