How much do you know about Alexandria?

How much do you know about Alexandria?


1. Once the greatest city of the world, now the second city and chief seaport of

Egypt,Alexandria lies on which sea?

2. And on the western edge of the delta of which great river?

3. Alexandria was founded by which great military leader?

4. In what year?

5. Alexander wanted Alexandria to be the greatest seaport in the world, so a

magnificent breakwater out into the sea was built. It was named for its length –

seven furlongs.What was it called? 

6. The breakwater reached out as far an isle, upon which a lighthouse was

erected.The lighthouse became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient

World.What was its name? 

7. Under which dynasty, a Macedonian General and his descendants, did

Alexandria become the literary and scientific centre of the world?

8. The last and most famous of the Ptolemies died in 30 BC in Alexandria Her

name …?

9. In the year 616 AD,Alexandria fell to which marauders?

10. And in 642 AD, to which long-term conquerors?

11. What was the name of the first Christian institution of higher learning, founded

in the 2nd century AD?

12. In the western part of Alexandria there are two great temples, the Serapeion

and the Poseidonium.To which Gods were they dedicated?

13. What is the name of the mausoleum of Alexander and of the Ptolemies?

14. What is the name of the museum containing a magnificent collection of Greek

and Roman antiquities?

15. What is the name of the 15th century fort built on the site of the Pharos



1.The Mediterranean. 2.The Nile. 3.Alexander the Great. 4. 332 BC. 5.‘The

Heptastadium’. 6. Pharos. 7.The Ptolemies. 8. Cleopatra. 9.The Persians. 10.The

Arabs. 11.The School of Alexandria. 12.To the Egyptian deity Serapis and the Greek

god Poseidon. 13.The ‘Soma’. 14.The Alexandria Municipial Museum. 15. Quaitbey


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