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How much do you know about Amsterdam?

 How much do you know about Amsterdam?


1. Amsterdam lies in the junction of which two rivers?

2. It is divided by canals into how many islands?

3. The islands are connected by how many bridges?

4. With which great Dutch painter is Amsterdam associated in most people’s


5. What is the name of the museum which houses one of the largest collections

of Dutch and Flemish old masters?

6. And which museum has an extensive collection of modern art works?

7. Which renowned work by Rembrandt shows local gentry dressed as militia?

8. In what year was Amsterdam chartered as a city?

9. In 1369 it became a member of which alliance set up to protect and foster


10. What is the name of Amsterdam’s resident symphony orchestra?

11. Amsterdam is home to the headquarters of which international society for the

protection of the environment?

12. What has been the heart of Amsterdam for seven centuries?

13. Which houses what monumental building, commenced in 1648?

14. Where is Amsterdam’s famous flea market held?

15. Which famous American jazz trumpeter died in Amsterdam in 1989, falling from

the window of his hotel room?


1.The Amstel and the Ij. 2. 90. 3. 400. 4. Rembrandt van Rijn. 5. Rijksmuseum. 6.

Stedlijk Museum. 7.‘The Night Watch’. 8. 1300. 9.The Hanseatic League. 10.

Concertgebouw Orchestra. 11. Friends of the Earth. 12.The Dam Square. 13.The

Royal Palace. 14. In Waterlooplein. 15. Chet Baker.

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