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How much do you know about Athens?

How much do you know about Athens?


1. Athens is bisected by two small rivers. Name them please?

2. What is the name of the seaport of Athens?

3. What is the centre of Athens called?

4. What is Athens’ outstanding natural landmark?

5. What is the name of temple on the Acropolis, now ruined, built to honour the

Goddess Athena in the 4th century BC?

6. Through what hall-like structure does one enter the Acropolis?

7. On the north side of the Acropolis are the remains of the ‘Gallery of Paintings’.

What is it called?

8. The first thing that visitors see as they make their way up from the city to the

Acropolis is the remains of another temple, didicated to the goddess of the city.

What is it called?

9. Also on the north side are the remains of a temple dedicated to one of Athens’

mystical kings.What is it called?

10. This building has a famous porch fronted by statues of six female figures.What

are they called?

11. What gift did Athena give to the people of Athens?

12. In 1801, the ruling Ottoman Sultan gave Lord Elgin, the British Ambassador

permission to take away "pieces of stones with inscriptions of figures".These

"pieces of stone" are still on display in the British Museum.They are called ….?

13. Name the half-man, half-serpent who, according to myth, was the founder of

Athens and of Greek Civilisation?

14. What were water-clocks used for in ancient Athens?

15. What was the name of the runner who brought to Athens news of the victory at the Battle of Marathon?


1. Kifisos and Illisos. 2. Piraeus. 3. Constitutions Square. 4.The Acropolis. 5.The

Parthenon. 6.The Propylaea. 7.The Pinakotheke. 8.The Temple of Athena Nike

(Winged Victory). 9.The Erechtheum. 10.The Carytids. 11.An olive tree. 12.‘The

Elgin Marbles’. 13. Cecrops. 14.To regulate the length of speeches. 15. Pheidippides.

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