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How much do you know about Budapest?

How much do you know about Budapest?


1. Largest city and capital of Hungary, Budapest lies on which river?

2. The river divides the city into two. How is it separated?

3. If Buda is home to the former Royal Palace, what important building is found in


4. In the 10th century BC, the Romans established a settlement on the site of

Buda.What did they call it?

5. By what fond nickname has Budapest been known to her devotees?

6. What is Budapest’s highest natural landmark called?

7. The former Royal Palace is now home to what important institutions? 

8. Near to the Palace, the spire of which medieval Gothic Church breaks the


9. What monument is to be found on Gellert Hill?

10. Budapest’s fashionable district is called…?

11. Facing Rose Hill, on an isle in the river, is a mile-long park, with hotels,

entertainments etc.What is it called?

12. What is the oldest and best-known of Budapest’s eight bridges?

13. What ‘healing facilities’ attract many visitors?

14. Who established Budapest’s Music Academy in 1875?

15. Who was the Budapest-born football player, the star of the Hungarian National

team known as the ‘Magic Magyars in the 1950’s?


1.The Danube 2.West Bank – Buda; East Bank – Pest 3. Parliament (Orsaghaz) 4.

Aquincum 5.‘Queen of the Danube’ 6. Janos Hill 7.The National Library;The

Historical Musuem and the National Gallery 8.The Church of our Blessed Lady (also

Matthieas Church) 9.The Citadel 10. Rose Hill (Rozsa Hill) 11. Margaret’s (Margit’s)

Island 12. Szechenyi Chain Bridge 13.The thermal springs 14. Franz Liszt 15. Ferenc


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