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How much do you know about classical literature? (1)

How much do you know about classical literature? (1)


1. The first ‘sequel’ novel to be written in English was published in 1820 by Sir

Walter Scott.What was its title?

2. And it was a sequel to …….?

3. Who wrote A Comic History of England in 1847/48?

4. Which book by Robert Burton published in 1621, appears at first to be a

medical treatise, but in fact is an amusing satire on some of mankind’s


5. In which Henry Fielding novel does Squire Allworthy appear?

6. According to Coleridge in Kublai Khan what was the name of the sacred river

of Xanadu?

7. In which George Eliot novel is the central figure an unhappy young woman

named Hetty Sorrel?

8. What was the name of The American Senator in Anthony Trollope’s novel of that


9. In which novel by Henry James does Chadwick Newsome appear?

10. In The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith, the heroine is abandoned on her

wedding night. What is her name?

11. In The Mourning Bride by William Congreve, the heroine Is abandoned on her

wedding night.What is her name?

12. Who, according to Ariosto’s 1532 poem Orlando Furioso, journeys to the moon

on a hippogriff to bring back Orlando’s lost wits?

13. In which of Sheridan’s plays does Sir Anthony Absolute play a part? 

14. In which comedy by Ben Jonson is the central character a rogue called ‘Face’?

15. In the ballad La Belle Dame sans Merci by Keats, a knight makes the fatal

mistake of falling in love with a woman who is no ordinary woman, but what?


1.The Abbot. 2.The Monastery. 3. Gilbert a Beckett. 4.The Anatomy of Melancholy.

5.Tom Jones. 6. The Alph. 7. Adam Bede. 8. Elias Gotobed. 9.The Ambassadors. 10.

Carinthia. 11.Almeria. 12.Astolfo. 13.The Rivals. 14.The Alchemist. 15.An elf.

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