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How much do you know about Environmental Science? (1)

 How much do you know about Environmental Science? (1)


1. What term is applied to the entire zone of the Earth that is capable of

sustaining life, e.g. the atmosphere; the hydrosphere and parts of the


2. What do we call the characteristic surroundings of an area, mainly determined

by the vegetation?

3. What is the term used for an animal which eats both flesh and plants?

4. What describes a substance that has a poisonous effect on humans and/or

other organisms through physical contact; ingestion and/or inhalation?

5. What do we call coal, oil and natural gas, which were formed from the remains

of decaying plants and animals, and which are non-renewable?

6. What are particles so small that they tend to remain in suspension in the air for


7. What term do we use for the continual contest between living organisms for

the available space, food resources and light?

8. What is the term used to describe water that is fit for human consumption?

9. What term is used to indicate the existence of different species in a


10. What is the term for the more or less permanent structural breakdown of a

molecule into its components (atoms or molecules)? It is also used for the

decay of organic material.

11. What do we call any feature of an organism that increases its chance of


12. What term describes any organism that can only survive in the presence of


13. And what describes any organism that does not need oxygen to survive?

14. What term is applied to a substance that is shown to cause cancer?

15.What do we call precipitation that contains a high level of dissolved chemical

pollutants, e.g. sulphur, nitrogen oxide?


1. Biosphere. 2. Habitat. 3. Omnivore. 4.Toxic. 5. Fossil fuels. 6.Aerosols.

7. Competition. 8. Potable. 9.Diversity 10. Decomposition. 11.Adaptation. 12.

Aerobic. 13.Anaerobic. 14. Carcinogen.15.Acid rain.

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