Indian History For All Competitive Exams Part 2

Indian History For All Competitive Exams

Q1. Which battle opened the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori?

- Second Battle of Tarain

Q2. Where were Chola Kings ruling over?

- Tamil Nadu

Q3. Where did coins made of metal first appeared?

- Later Vedic Age

Q4. What was the main occupation of Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) 


- Hunting

Q5. Who founded the Saka Era?

- Kanishka

Q6. Who fought the Third Battle of Panipat?

- Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas

Q7. Who introduced the market regulations in India in ancient 


- Allauddin Khilji

Q8. Name the great poet who graced the court of Alauddin Khilji?

- Amir Khusru

Q9. Who led the first Muslim invasion of India?

- Mohammad bin Kasim

Q10. Whose influence is reflected in the sculptures of the Gandhara

school ?

- Greeks

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