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Indian History General knowledge Quiz Part 1

Indian History General knowledge Quiz Part 1

1. Who among the following persons was considered by Gandhiji as his ‘Political Guru’?

A. Bal Gangadhar


B. Gopal Krishna


C. Dadabhai Naoroji

D. M. G. Ranade

2. Panini, the first Grammarian of Sanskrit language in India, lived

during the-

A. 2nd Century BC

B. 5th-6th Century BC

C. 2nd Century AD

D. 5th-6th Century AD

3. The oldest form of composition of the Hindustani Vocal Music is-

A. Ghazal

B. Dhrupad

C. Thumri

D. Khayal

4. For which movement the slogan ’Do or Die’ was given by Mahatama Gandhi?

A. Civil disobedience


B. Non cooperation


C. Quit India move-


D. Khilafat movement

5. Who was the first British to get a farman from the Mughal Euperor Jahangir to establish a factory at Surat in 1613?

A. Jab Charnock

B. Captain Cook

C. Captain William


D. Sir Thomas Roe

6. Who among the following wrote commen-

taries on Harshavardhana’s administration

and the court life in


A. AI-Beruni

B. Fa-Hien

C. Hiuen-Tsang

D. Ibn Batutah

7. Which state was the first  victim of “The

Subsidiary Alliance System”?

A. Satara

B. Mysore

C. Hyderabad

D. Awadh

1. B 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. C

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