Current Affairs Gk Questions And Answers

Gk Questions And Answers 

Q1. FAO is an agency of ?
Ans:- UNO

Q2. Where is FAO's headquarter located?
Ans:- Rome

Q3. Who launched state-of-the-art Heli-borne survey technology for groundwater management in October 2021?
Ans:- Jitendra Sing

Q4. Who won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics?
Ans:- Syukuro Manabe

Q5. In October 2021, which telecom operator companies has conducted India's first rural 5G trial?
Ans:- Airtel

Q6. In October 2021, which states/UTs has launched an advanced Green War Room and Green App to address environmental issues?
Ans:- Delhi

Q7. In October 2021, who smashed the world record in the final to win gold in the men's 50m rifle 3 positions event at the ISSF junior world championships?
Ans:-  Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar

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