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Indian History General knowledge Quiz Part 2

Indian History General knowledge Quiz Part 2

1. Who built the Taragarh fort of Ajmer?

A. Aana Ji

B. Raja Jai Singh

C. Raja Man Singh

D. Ajayapal Chauhan

2. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

A. Qutbuddin: Adhai

din ka Jhompra

B. Iltutmish :Qutab Mi-


C. Alauddin :Hauz-i-


D. Firuz Tughlaq :


3. Who among the following woman social reformers was called


A. Sister Subbalakshmi

B. Annie Besant

C. Ramabai

D. Gangabai

4. Where was the seat of the first Republic of the world in 6th century BC?

A. Vaishali

B. Athens

C. Sparta

D. Patliputra

5. In which year the first English translation of

Arthashastra was published?

A. 1905

B. 1960

C. 1909

D. 1915

6. The weekly Commonweal was founded by

A. Sarojini Naidu

B. Annie Besant

C. Bipan Chandra Pal

D. Bal Gangadhar


7. Who is known as the "slave of a slave"?

A. Muhammad bin


B. Mahmud of Ghazni

C. Ilitutmish

D. Outbuddin Aibak

1. D   2. D   3. C   4. A   5. C   6. B   7. C 

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