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How much do you know about 1905?

 How much do you know about 1905?


1. On Sunday January 22nd, Russian imperial troops fire on a peaceful crowd of protesters in St. Petersburg, killing 105 and wounding several hundreds more. This becomes known as …..?

2. The sailors mutiny in which battleship in Odessa?

3. The first actor to receive a knighthood dies.What is his name?

4. How are the group of French artists led by Henri Matisse known?

5. Franz Lehar produces his most famous operetta.What is it called?

6. The plays Man and Superman and Major Barbara premiere.Which Irish
playwright wrote them?

7. Which distinguished American statesman and Ambassador to Great Britain dies
at 67?

8. What is the name of the battle in which the Japanese navy annihilates the
Russian fleet?

9. Which Spanish born American philosopher, poet and writer publishes Life of

10. Name the two new provinces officially formed in Canada.

11. War between Japan and Russia ends with which U.S.-mediated peace treaty?

12. Death of which Irish-born doctor and philanthropist?

13. What is the name of Albert Einstein earth shaking paper, published this year? 

14. Work begins on the Singer Tower in New York designed by which architect?

15. Revolution breaks out in which country?
How much do you know about 1905?

1. Bloody Sunday. 2.The Potemkin. 3. Sir Henry Irving. 4. Les Fauves (Wild Beasts). 5.
The Merry Widow. 6. George Bernard Shaw. 7. John Hay. 8. Battle of Tsushima Straits.
9. George Santayana. 10. Saskatchewan and Alberta. 11.Treaty of Portsmouth. 12.
Thomas J. Barnardo. 13. Special Theory of Relativity. 14. Ernest Flagg. 15. Persia.

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