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How much do you know about 1906?

 How much do you know about 1906?


1. Which aristocratic Prussian Field-Marshal is appointed Chief of the German

general staff?

2. The British general election provides a landslide victory for which party?

3. And who becomes Prime Minister?

4. The Simplon rail tunnel opens between which two European countries?

5. Which state elects a delegate to the U.S Congress for the first time?

6. The first Grand Prix motor race is held at which course?

7. What is the name of the volcano that erupts in Italy, killing hundreds?

8. In the U.S the first National Monument is named.What is its name?

9. Which Norwegian playwright dies at the age of 78?

10. Which powerful novel by Upton Sinclair about the unhealthy practices of

American meat industry drives the U.S Congress to pass the Pure Food and

Drug Act?

11. France, Britain and Italy officially guarantee the independence of which East

African country?

12. The use of opium is banned in which country?

13. Cunard launches which new transatlantic liner?

14. The crisis between France and Germany over control of Morocco is resolved at

a conference in which Spanish town?

15. Which French scientist and Nobel Prize winner dies at the age of 46?


1. Helmuth von Moltke. 2. Liberals. 3. Henry Campbell-Bannerman. 4. Switzerland

and Italy. 5.Alaska. 6. Le Mans. 7.Vesuvius. 8. Devil’s Tower,Wyoming. 9. Henrik

Ibsen. 10.The Jungle. 11. Ethiopia. 12. China. 13.The Mauretania. 14.Algeciras. 15.

Pierre Curie.

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