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How much do you know about 1908?

 How much do you know about 1908?


1. Which major law enforcement agency is established in the United States?

2. The first model of which famous motor car goes on sale?

3. Which British explorer leads his team to within 100 miles of the South Pole?

4. Which German physicist, working under Ernest Rutherford at Manchester,

invents a machine to measure beta-ray radioactivity? 

5. What is the name of the British businessman who discovers enormous oil reserves in Persia?

6. The King and Crown Prince of which nation are murdered?

7. In Turkey, widespread reforms are forced upon the rulers of the Ottoman

Empire by which pressure group?

8. The fourth modern Olympic games takes place in which capital?

9. In the U.S, which association begins placing bibles in hotel rooms?

10. Crete declares political union with which European state?

11. Austria annexes which other state?

12. Which major motor manufacturing company is formed in the U.S.?

13. Also in the U.S, which Republican candidate wins the Presidential elections?

14. Which Democrat candidate does he defeat?

15. Kenneth Grahame publishes a children’s book which becomes loved by millions. Its name please?


1.The Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2. Model T Ford. 3. Sir Ernest Shackleton. 4.

Hans Geiger. 5.William D’Arcy. 6. Portugal. 7.The Young Turks. 8. London. 9. Gideon

International. 10. Greece. 11. Bosnia – Herzegovina. 12. General Motors. 13.William

Howard Taft. 14.William Jennings Bryan. 15.The Wind in the Willows.

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