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How much do you know about 1909?

 How much do you know about 1909?


1. Who launches the Indian Nationalist Movement?

2. Britain creates two secret services.What are they called?

3. Which French/Italian writer/editor publishes a manifesto urging the creation

of a Futurist Movement in Art and Music?

4. Paul Ehrlich, a German bacteriologist discovers salvarsan, a cure for what? 

5. Which American businessman opens a major store on Oxford Street, London?

6. A telegraphic link is established between Britain and which other country?

7. Which American naval officer leads an expedition to the North Pole, or at least

to within 30 miles of it?

8. Which Eastern European country obtains independence from Turkey? 

9. Which organisation for young girls is founded in England this year?

10. Which French warrior is beatified by Pope Pius X? 

11. Which English writer, playwright, poet and critic dies at the age of 72?

12. What does Louis Bleriot achieve in 37 minutes this year?

13. Formation of which important race relations association in the U.S?

14. Importation of Opium is banned in which country?

15. First performance of the opera Electra by which Austrian composer?


1. Mahatma Gandhi. 2. MI5 and MI6. 3. Fillipo Marinetti. 4. Syphilis. 5. Harry Selfridge.

6. India. 7. Commander Robert Peary. 8. Bulgaria. 9.The Girl Guides. 10. Joan of Arc.

11.Algernon Swinburne. 12. Crosses the Channel by monoplane. 13. National

Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. 14. U.S.A. 15. Richard Strauss.

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