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How much do you know about 1911?

 How much do you know about 1911?


1. Which country first uses aeroplanes in combat, in its war with Turkey in Libya? 

2. Which Norwegian explorer reaches the South Pole, days ahead of Captain Scott

and his party?

3. Russia invades and occupies which other country?

4. Britain passes an Act of Parliament relating to the confidentiality of state

information.What is it called?

5. Revolution erupts in Mexico led by two charismatic figures.Who are they?

6. Which famous painting is stolen from the Louvre in Paris in August this year?

7. Which point on the global map becomes the international standard for

calculating time?

8. Which American author and educator writes the poem America The Beautiful?

9. The theory of the nuclear atom is propounded. By whom?

10. The first in a series of international Rugby contests is held. By what name is

this contest known?

11. Frank Lloyd Wright builds a home/architectural school near Spring Green,

Wisconsin, which he names after a Welsh bard.What is the name?

12. Which great Czech-Austrian composer dies at the age of 51?

13. On his way to the South Pole,Amundsen names a chain of mountains after

which member of the Norwegian Royal Family?

14. Which Scots-born American industrialist endows a peace foundation?

15. George V, the first British monarch to visit India, holds a ceremonial meeting in

public. By what name does this event become known? 

How much do you know about 1911?


1. Italy. 2. Roald Amundsen. 3. Iran (Persia). 4. Official Secrets Act. 5. Pancho Villa and

Emiliano Zapata. 6. Mona Lisa. 7. Greenwich. 8. Katherine Lee Bates. 9. Sir Ernest

Rutherford. 10. Five Nations. 11.Taliesen. 12. Gustav Mahler. 13. Queen Maud

Mountains. 14.Andrew Carnegie. 15.The Delhi Durbar.

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