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How much do you know about 1914?

 How much do you know about 1914?


1. Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes a novel destined for fame.What is it called?

2. Mme Caillaux, wife of the French Minister of Finance, shoots dead Gaston

Calmette.Who is Calmette?

3. Which contentious piece of legislation throws the British Parliament into


4. The U.S.A finds itself in a state of armed confrontation with which

neighbouring country?

5. Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated in which city?

6. Which French socialist deputy is murdered in Paris?

7. Henri Matisse paints one of his most famous works.What is it called?

8. The death is announced of which British statesman and radical politician?

9. July 28th.Austria-Hungary declare war on which state?

10. August 1st. Germany declares war on which country?

11. August 3rd. Germany declares war on…?

12. August 4th. Britain declares war on…?

13. September, German and Allied armies try to outflank each other, in what

becomes known as…?

14. October 30th. First battle of…?

15. December 8th. Royal Navy defeats German squadron in a battle off which

South Atlantic islands?


1.Tarzan of the Apes. 2. Editor of Figaro. 3.The Irish Home Rule Bill. 4. Mexico. 5.

Sarajevo. 6. Jean Jaures. 7.The Red Studio. 8. Joseph Chamberlain. 9. Serbia. 10.

Russia. 11. France. 12. Germany. 13.The Race to the Sea. 14.Ypres. 15.The Falkland


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