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How much do you know about 1915?

How much do you know about 1915?


1. What does Britain suffer for the first time on January 19th?

2. January 30th.Another first in warfare takes place.What is it?

3. February 19th. British and French fleets bombard Turkish positions where?

4. German airships bomb which Allied capital in March of this year?

5. April 22nd. Germans introduce yet another first on the Western Front.What is it

this time

6. April 25th.Anglo-French forces meet heavy resistance in landings in Turkey.

Where, exactly?

7. May 7th.What is the name of the famous liner, sunk by German U-Boats?

8. June 16th.Who is appointed Minister of Munitions in Britain?

9. July 18th.A second battle begins between Italian and Austrian troops, for a

place called ……?

10. August 5th. German troops take which Eastern European capital?

11. September 18th. German troops take another Eastern European capital.Which


12. October 29th.After the resignation of French Premier Vivian, who forms a new


13. November 13th.Which member of the British cabinet resigns over Gallipoli?

14. December 16th.Who succeeds John French as C-in-C of British forces in France

and Belgium?

15. Who publishes the General Theory of Relativity?

How much do you know about 1915?


1.Air raids. 2. First German submarine attack. 3. In the Dardanelles. 4. Paris. 5. Poison

gas. 6. Gallipoli. 7.The Lusitania. 8. David Lloyd-George. 9. Isonzo. 10.Warsaw. 11.

Vilnius, Lithuania. 12.Aristide Briand. 13.Winston Churchill. 14. Douglas Haig. 15.

Albert Einstein.

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