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How much do you know about 1916?

How much do you know about 1916?


1. January. Austria-Hungary attacks which Central European state?

2. February 9th. In Britain the Military Service Act comes into force, introducing what for the first time?

3. February 21st.A battle begins in France which will not end until mid-December.What is it called?

4. March 9th. Germany declares war on which other country?

5. April 24th. Sinn Fein organise what in Dublin?

6. May 31st. Indecisive battle between British and German Fleets, with heavy casualties.What is it called?

7. June 21st. In the Americas there is a battle between U.S and Mexican troops, at which place?

8. July 1st. British and French forces begin an offensive which continues with massive casualties until November.Where?

9. August.Which General becomes Chief of the German General Staff?

10. September 15th. First use by the British of which offensive weapon?

11. October 16th.The Allies occupy which central European capital?

12. November. In the U.S. elections the first female Member of Congress is returned by Montana. Her name please?

13. The 6th Olympic Games are cancelled this year.Where were they scheduled to be held?

14. December 11th.After resignation of British premier Asquith, who becomes the leader of a coalition government?

15. Which self-styled Russian holy man who exercises a strong influence over the Tzarina, is murdered in St. Petersburg?


1. Montenegro. 2. Conscription. 3. Battle of Verdun. 4. Portugal. 5. Easter Rising. 6.

Battle of Jutland. 7. Carrizal, Mexico. 8.The Somme. 9. Paul von Hindenburg. 10.

Tanks. 11.Athens. 12. Miss Jeanette Rankin. 13. Berlin. 14. David Lloyd-George. 15.

Gregory Rasputin.

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