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How much do you know about 1917?

How much do you know about 1917?


1. January 31st. Germany warns neutrals about what change in its naval policy?

2. February 2nd.What form of austerity begins in Britain?

3. February 3rd.Which two countries break off diplomatic relations?

4. March 16th.Which Emperor is forced to abdicate?

5. March 31st.The U.S.A takes over which group of islands from Denmark?

6. April 6th.The U.S.A declares war on which country?

7. May 15th.Who is instated as Commander in Chief of French forces?

8. June 24th.Where does the mutiny of the Russian Black Sea fleet take place?

9. July 9th. In the U.S the government takes direct control of which essential commodities?

10. August 13th. In Spain, a revolt demands home rule for which province?

11. November 20th.Where does the first notable tank battle take place?

12. October 7th.Who storms the Winter Palace in Russia, and proclaims the Soviet of People’s Commissars as the new government?

13. Which two newspapers are founded following the October Revolution?

14. Death of which famous French artists?

15. In the U.S. prizes are awarded for the first time for literature, drama, music and journalism, endowed by which Hungarian-born American newspaperman?


1. Unrestricted submarine warfare. 2. Bread rationing. 3. U.S.A and Germany. 4.Tsar

Nicholas II. 5.The Virgin Islands. 6. Germany. 7. Marshal Petain. 8. Sevastopol. 9. Fuel

and food. 10. Catalonia. 11. Riga, Latvia. 12. Cambrai. 13. Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

14. Degas and Rodin. 15. Joseph Pulitzer.

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