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How much do you know about 1918?

How much do you know about 1918?


1. January 8th.Which world leader proposes his Fourteen Point Peace Plan?

2. January 14th.Which former premier of France is arrested for treason? 

3. February 6th. Death of which popular Viennese artist?

4. March 3rd.Which powers sign the Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

5. To what does the Bolshevik Party change its name? 

6. April 14th. German troops occupy which Scandinavian capital?

7. Roughly how many people are killed worldwide, by an epidemic of Spanish Influenza?

8. July 17th. Where are Nicholas II and his family murdered, on the orders of the Ural Regional Council?

9. August 8th – 11th. British and Commonwealth troops win which great victory?

10. September 12th.American troops win a decisive victory in their first major battle.Where did it take place?

11. Allied advances on all fronts becomes known as what?

12. November 11th.Where is the Armistice signed by Allies and Germany?

13. December 4th.A new kingdom, made up of three previously independent states is proclaimed.What is its name?

14. Whose Collected Poems are published posthumously?

15. And Edward Elgar presents a composition destined for enormous popularity.What is it?


1. President Woodrow Wilson. 2. Joseph Caillaux. 3. Gustav Klimt. 4. Russia and

Germany. 5. Russian Communist Party. 6. Helsinki. 7. 20 million. 8. Ekaterinburg. 9.

Battle of Amiens. 10. St. Mihiel. 11.The ‘Final Push’. 12. Compiegne. 13.Yugoslavia.

14. Rupert Brooke and Gerald Manley Hopkins. 15. His Cello Concerto.

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