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How much do you know about Chicago?

How much do you know about Chicago?


1. Situated on the south-western shore of which lake?

2. It is crossed by two rivers. Can you name them please?

3. How do foreign ships reach Chicago. By what waterway?

4. How does Chicago rate in terms of size of U.S. cities?

5. What is Chicago called colloquially?

6. What is the centre of the city called, by locals?

7. What are the two distinguished museums which are located in Hyde Park, called?

8. Two other institutions dedicated to learning, dating back to 1856 and 1857

respectively, are to be found in Lincoln Park. Can you name them?

9. What is the name of the institute which houses over 300,000 works of art, plus

the Ryersen Library, plus the Burnham Library of Architecture?

10. In 1991 Daniel Barenboim succeeded Georg Solti as musical director of which

distinguished orchestra?

11. The Chicago River is connected to the Illinois River by which famous


12. Prima Ballerina Maria Tallchief formed what ballet company in 1979?

13. Chicago University has its own astronomical observatory.What is its name?

14. Who was appointed first city detective of Chicago in 1850?

15. Chicago can boast not just one but three different lake-front parks. Can you name them please?


1. Lake Michigan 2.The Chicago and the Calumet 3.The St Lawrence Seaway 4.

Third largest 5.The Windy City 6.The Loop 7.The Oriental Institute and the

Museum of Science and Industry 8. Chicago Historical Society and Chicago

Academy of Sciences 9.The Art Institute of Chicago 10. Chicago Symphony

Orchestra 11.The Illinois and Michigan Canal 12. Chicago City Ballet 13.Yerkes

Observatory 14.Alan Pinkerton 15. Grant Park; Lincoln Park and Jackson Park

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