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How much do you know about Dublin?

 How much do you know about Dublin?


1. Dublin is in which province of Ireland?

2. And stands on which river?

3. It is sheltered on the south side by what?

4. The two houses of the Parliament of the Republic of Ireland are in Dublin.

Name them please?

5. Dublin has a very long association with the name ‘Guinness’. But in what year

did Arthur Guinness found the St. James’ Gate Brewery?

6. Dublin has produced many fine writers, four of whom are Nobel Prize

Laureates. Can you name any of them?

7. With which of Dublin’s theatres was W.B.Yeats most closely connected?

8. What year was Dublin designated ‘European City of Culture’?

9. What is the name of the oldest and largest of the city squares?

10. Encircling central Dublin are two canals.Their names, please?

11. What is the name of the University of Dublin?

12. In what year did it receive its charter from Queen Elizabeth 1st?

13. The University is home to a 9th century illuminated religious manuscript.What

is its name? 

14. To the west there is a great park, containing a zoo; an arboretum; several

conservatories and the home of the President of the Republic.What is it called?

15. In what year did Dublin celebrate its millennium?


1. Leinster 2.The Liffey 3.The Wicklow Mountains 4.The Senate and the House of

Representatives 5. 1759 6.W.B Yeats, G.B Shaw, Samuel Becket and Seamus Heaney

7.The Abbey Theatre 8. 1991 9. St Stephens’ Green 10. Grand Canal (South) and

Royal Canal (North) 11.Trinity College 12. 1592 13.The Book of Kells 14. Phoenix

Park 15. 1988

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