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How much do you know about Edinburgh?

 How much do you know about Edinburgh?


1. Edinburgh is on the southern shore of which inlet of the North Sea?

2. What are the hills to the south of the city called?

3. It is about 40 miles north of which river which forms part of the

Scottish/English border?

4. Until the new Scottish Parliament’s permanent building is completed, where

will the Scottish Parliament meet?

5. Where is that located, exactly?

6. Edinburgh was granted its charter in 1329. By whom?

7. In what year did it become the capital?

8. The dominating feature of Edinburgh is what?

9. What is the oldest feature of the Castle, dating back to the 11th century?

10. The main thoroughfare of old Edinburgh is called …?

11. Which connects the Castle to what other monument?

12. The most fashionable street in Edinburgh is …what?

13. Everyone has heard of Edinburgh’s festival of the Arts. But can you name any of

the other international festivals held annually or bi-annually in Edinburgh? 

14. In what year was Edinburgh University founded?

15. There are two other universities in Edinburgh; can you name them? 


1.The Firth of Forth 2.The Pentland Hills 3.The River Tweed 4. In the Church of

Scotland’s General Assembly Hall 5.The Mound, Edinburgh 6. King Robert Bruce 7.

1437 8. Edinburgh Castle, on Castle Rock 9. St Margaret’s Chapel 10.The Royal Mile

11.The Palace of Holyroodhouse 12. Princes Street 13. Film and Television Festivals;

Jazz Festival; Science and Book Festival 14. 1583 15. Heriot-Watt and Napier

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