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How much do you know about Florence?

How much do you know about Florence?


1. As what did Florence begin?

2. What is the name of the palatial monument, begun in 1299, which is to be

found in the Piazzia della Signoria?

3. Today this building still fulfils an important function.As what?

4. It contains, amongst many others, perhaps the most famous work of sculpture

by Michelangelo? What is it called?

5. In the same Piazzia there is an elegant museum built in the late 14th century.

What is its name?

6. The museum specialises in masterworks of sculpture. In pride of place is the

statue of ‘Perseus’, by …?

7. Behind the Piazzia della Signoria, and stretching down to the River Arno,

another elegant museum begun in 1560.What is it called?

8. Due north of the Piazzia, dominating the skyline, is the dome of which


9. Opposite the cathedral stands what other famous building?

10. This has a series of bronze, figured doors, one famous pair of which were made

by the most accomplished goldsmith of all time. His name?

11. On the western edge of ‘Old Florence’ the Dominican order built, beginning in

1279, the church of …?

12. And on the eastern edge, the Franciscans built … ?

13. What is the remarkable building which lies between the Piazza della SIGNORIA And the Cathedral?

14. North of the Cathedral is the former home of the former rulers of Florence. What is it called?

15. Behind the Pitti Palace, south of the Arno River, the hills were transformed into an area of recreation and relaxation. Called …?


1.A Roman garrison town 2. Palazzo Vecchio 3.The Town Hall of Florence 4.‘David’

5. Loggia dei Lanzi 6. Benvenuto Cellini 7.The Uffizi 8. Santa Maria del Fiore 9.The

‘Baptistery’ 10. Lorenzo Ghiberti 11. Santa Maria Novella 12. Santa Croce 13.The ‘Or

San Michele’ (The Oratory of St Michael) 14.The Medici Palace 15.The Boboli


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