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How much do you know about Geneva?

 How much do you know about Geneva?


1. Geneva is situated at the western extremity of the largest lake in Central

Europe, Lake Geneva, where which river issues from the lake?

2. It commands the natural corridor between which ranges of mountains?

3. The older part of the city stands on the south bank. Can you name two of the

residential areas?4. What is the name of the small isle in the Rhone?

5. What is the district on the north bank, home to many of the city’s hotels?

6. The house in which Voltaire lived from 1755 to 1758 has the same name as the

district in which it stands. It is …?

7. The most notable of the parks on the south bank is …?

8. The ‘haute-ville’ or Upper City rests on the city’s original hill-site. Its name


9. And is dominated by which 12th – 13th century church?

10. Geneva has a world-famous botanical research institute. Its name please?

11. What is the name of Geneva’s opera house?

12. Geneva also supports a symphony orchestra. Its name?

13. What is Geneva’s leading daily newspaper?

14. North of the Rhone is the area where many institutions of world-wide import

have their head offices. It is also home to the European section of the United

Nations. In what building?

15. At the edge of the lake is the world’s highest fountain which many think of as

the symbol of Geneva.What is it called?


1. River Rhone 2.The Alps and the Jura 3. Eaux Vives and Carouge 4. Rousseau’s

Island 5. Quartier St Gervais 6. Les Delices 7. Le Jardin Anglais 8. Le Plateau de

Tranchees 9. St Peter’s Cathedral 10.The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 11. Le

Grand Theatre 12. L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande 13. Le Journal de Geneve 14. Le

Palais des Nations 15. Le Jet d’Eau

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