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How much do you know about Johannesburg?

How much do you know about Johannesburg?


1. Johannesburg is the capital of which South African province?

2. In what year was it founded?

3. In what year was it chartered as a city?

4. The history of Johannesburg is the history of gold.Who was the miner who

first found alluvial gold in the River Jukskei in 1853?

5. And who was the Australian who was the first to find gold in Witwatersrand but

failed to exploit his find?

6. What, today, is a very striking feature of the city?

7. The heart of Johannesburg’s commercial area is …?

8. And the main shopping artery is …?

9. Most of the original Victorian buildings have gone now, but one exception is to

be found on Pritchard Street.What is it called?

10. Few tourists would miss the opportunity to visit the recreation of a Victorian-

era mining city called …?

11. And those who like drama make a bee-line for the world-renowned Market

Theatre, located in…?

12. To which museum would you go to learn about the history and ethnology of

Southern Africa?

13. The University of Witwatersrand started out as …what?

14. What is the name of the site near to Johannesburg where the first evidence of

Australopithecus africanus was found?

15. Who was the Johannesburg-born President of South Africa and Nobel Laureate

whose reforms led to the end of apartheid?


1. Gauteng 2. 1886 3. 1928 4. Pieter Jacob Marais 5. George Harrison 6.The great

yellow slag heaps, souvenirs of the mining 7. Commissioner Street 8. Eloff Street 9.

The Markham Building 10. Gold Reef City 11.The old Produce 12.The Africana

Museum 13.The South African School of Mines 14. Sterkfontein 15. F.W de Klerk

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