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How much do you know about Lisbon?

How much do you know about Lisbon?


1. Lisbon is situated at the mouth of which great river?

2. What year was the University of Lisbon founded?

3. In what year was the terrible earthquake which almost destroyed Lisbon?

4. What building was put up in 1498 to honour the 15th century navigators who

found the sea route to India?

5. The southernmost entry into Lisbon is through …what?

6. Which stands on what street?

7. It is believed that Lisbon was founded by …whom?

8. It was invaded and occupied in the 2nd Century BC, by …?

9. And in the 5th Century AD by …?

10. And occupied from 716 to 1147 AD by …?

11. Lisbon is home to a major international philanthropic foundation set up by a

Turkish-born British financier.What is it called?

12. What was the name of the 1st King of Portugal who liberated Lisbon from the

Moors in 1147?

13. What is the name of the city opposite Lisbon, on the other side of the Tagus?

14. What is the name of the suspension bridge over the Tagus? (Originally called

the Salazas Bridge).

15, What is the name of the Lisbon-born politician who succeeded Mario Soares to

become President in 1996?


1.The Tagus 2. 1288 3. 1755 4. Monastery of Jeronimos 5.The Arco Triumfal 6. Rua

Augusta 7.The Phoenicians 8.The Romans 9.The Visigoths 10.The Moors 11.The

Gulbenkian Foundation 12.Alfonso 1st 13. Barreiro 14. Ponte de 25 April 15. Jorge


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