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1. Which decade is celebrated as First United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty?

2. International voluntary blood donation day is observed on which date?

3. Why can Insects move on the surface of water without sinking?

4. Which minerals occurs abundantly in the Earth’s crust?

5. Which Harappan site had a dock?

6. Pneumoconiosis affects the workers who work mainly in which industry?

7. On which Panchayat did the Ashok Mehta Committee greater emphasis?

8. Which has the largest livestock population in the world?

9. The tide at its maximum height is known by which name?

10. Which Veda throws light on the beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans?

11. The United Nations declared 2009 as which International Year?

12. Lathyrism is caused by excessive consumption of which thing?

13. Under which Ministry of the Government of India does the Food and Nutrition Board work?

14. Where are the Local thunderstorms ‘Nor’ westers’ prominent?

15. The code of conduct of the Vedic society was laid out in which text?

16. What are the metallic constituents of hard water?

17. Who broke Pete Sampras’s record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis?

18. With which was Tarapore Committee associated?

19. What is the dense mass of small water drops on smoke particles in the lower layers of the atmosphere?

20. Who was the founder of the Nanda dyansty?

Answer :

1. 1997-2006 2. November 6 3. Due to Surface tension of water 4. Silica 5. Lothal 6. Coal mining industry 7. Mandai

Panchayat 8. India 9. Spring tide 10. Atharvaveda 11. Reconciliation 12. Khesari Dal 13. Ministry of Agriculture 14.

West Bengal 15. Smritis 16. Calcium, magnesium and iron 17. Roger Federer 18. Fuller capital account convertibility

19. Smog 20. Mahapadma Nanda

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