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1. Respiration can occur in the absence of oxygen in which thing?

2. How many times was the term of the Lok Sabha extended upto 6 years?

3. Optic fibres are mainly used for which purpose?

4. Asia has large areas of inland drainage. Why is it so ?

5. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in which year?

6. Which was the first to legalize euthanasia?

7. Chanda Kochhar leads to which of the organisation?

8. What is the selectively permeable membrane of the cell?

9. Which country in Africa has luxurious tropical rain forests?

10. Where has the largest concentration of Harappan sites been found?

11. In which of the Parliamentary Financial Committees is the Rajya Sabha not represented?

12. Which compound gives both ninhydrin test and Molisch’s test?

13. In which year was Tax collection of Central govt. lowest as compare to G.D.P.?

14. The greatest diversity of animal and species occurs in which forest?

15. Where was a copper chariot of Harappa times was discovered?

16. Baan Ki-moon, the UNO Secretary-General belong to whiich country?

17. Which unicellular non-pathogenic parasite is found in the human intestine?

18. The States Reorganisation Act created howmany States and Union Territories?

19. In which valley is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?

20. Which Chola ruler converted the Bay of Bengal into a ‘Chela lake’?

Answer :

1. Yeast 2. Once 3. Communication 4. Rainfall is seasonal and scanty 5. 1889 6. Netherlands 7. ICICI Bank 8. Plasma

lemma 9. Ivory coast 10. Ghaggar-Hakra 11. Estimates Committee 12. A protein 13. 1999-2000 14. Tropical moist

forest 15. At Daimabad 16. South Korea 17. E, coli 18. 14 and 6 19. Sutlej valley 20. Rajendra I

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