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1. Who has written the book ‘My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir’?

2. Which substance is more than 80% in the cell?

3. Which language is Next to Hindi spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian subcontinent?

4. Which planet have thirteen moons?

5. Which was the chariler Act to close the trade of East India?

6. Which are the high-temperature superconductors?

7. The United Nations declared 1994 as which International Year?

8. Who is regarded as the founder of the scientific Socialism?

9. One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to howmuch distance?

10. With which period do we associate the 'megaliths' ?

11. National Environmental Engineering research institute is situated in which city?

12. In which part of the Constitution the concept of Welfare State finds elaboration?

13. Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction?

14. Where is the maximum difference in the spacing of longitudes?

15. When the first metal tool came into being why was it used for?

16. Misha Grewal is associated with which game/sport?

17. Amar Singh Sokhi is remembered for his performance in which sports event?

18. Which Pollutant is produced from vehicles that cause mental diseases?

19. What is Water vapour beyond the dew point?

20. When did the concept of pollution emerge clearly?

Answer :

1. Jagmohan 2. Water 3. Bengali 4. Neptune 5. 1833 6. Ceramic oxides 7. International Year of the Family 8. Karl Marx

9. 50 miles 10. Neolithic 11. Nagpur 12. Directive Principles 13. Transformer 14. At equator 15. Clearing jungles 16.

Squash 17. Cycling 18. Pb 19. Condensation 20. In the Post-Vedic period

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