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1. What is the total number of Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution?

2. Which is the variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognisable traces of the original plant material?

3. What is the highest denomination of currency notes in circulation as legal tender in India at present?

4. Which type of rainfall leads to the formation of the windward and the leeward side?

5. Which of the Vedas was divided" into "White' and 'Black' parts?

6. Who became the first woman in the world to ski to the North Pole?

7. In which organ of the human body are the lymphocyte cells formed?

8. By whom is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected?

9. In which forests are Teak and Sal are the principal trees?

10. Who is often described as the second 'Parasurama' or the exterminator of the entire kshatriya race?

11. Which is the process in which no heat enters or leaves?

12. For outstanding contribution to which field is Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize given?

13. For international payments, to which currency is the Indian currency linked?

14. Which vegetation is called natural cattle country ?

15. Who, was the Nanda ruler at the time of Alexander's invasion?

16. What is Hepatitis-B, which affects liver?

17. By whom is the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee appointed?

18. By which permeabilty is a super conductor characterised?

19. In the world production of natural rubber, what is the rank of India?

20. To whom the 'Yavanas' refer?

Answer :

1. 11 2. Peat 3. Rs. 1000 4. Orographic 5. Yajur 6. Ann Banoraft 7. Spleen 8. All the members of Lok Sabha 9. Tropical

moist deciduous 10. Mahapadrna 11. Adiabatic 12. Science 13. American Dollar 14. Downs 15. Dhana Nanda 16.

Virus 17. Speaker 18. Zero permeability 19. Fourth 20. Greeks

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