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 1. A hollow sphere of copper is positively charged, Then what will the electric field be inside the sphere?

2. How many States of the U.S.A. are not attached to its mainland?

3. What was the decentralisation system recommended?

4. Which are the oldest mountains in India according to geographical history?

5. Who was last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?

6. Which Bacteria is found in the intestine of human?

7. Which language is not recognised in the 8th Schedule though it is an official language of a State?

8. What is the mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen called?

9. Which is the river with highest tidal bore in India?

10. From which ruler did Albuquerque capture Goa?

11. Which train/railway passes through Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Romania?

12. Which biologist, proposed that life is originated in water,?

13. When chlorophyll absorbs light, what does it gets excited and emits?

14. Which is a land-locked sea?

15. Which European were the last to come- to pre-independence India as traders?

16. Who has the final power to maintain order within the House of People ?

17. In our houses we get 220 V A. C What does the value 220 represent?

18. Bouncing of cheques has become an offence. What is the punishment for the same?

19. Which would be most suited for an area which has only two months of scanty rainfall in a year?

20. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?

Answer :

1. Zero 2. Two 3. Balwant Rai Mehta 4. Aravallis 5. Muhammad Shah 6. Escherichia coli 7. English 8. Producer gas 9.

Hoogli 10. Bijapur 11. Orient Express 12. Thales 13. Electrons 14. Aral Sea 15. French 16. Speaker 17. Effective voltage

18. 6 months imprisonment 19. Pulse 20. Badruddin Tyyabji

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