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1. Mallika Sarabhi is associated with which field?

2. After respiration the conversion of energy is mainly in which form of?

3. Who fixes the salaries and the allowances of the Speaker of Lok Sabha?

4. Which crop is grown in India mainly by dry farming?

5. Who was the first Englishman to preside over a Congress session ?

6. What is formed when white phosphorus is heated at 540 K in the absence of air?

7. When did Economic Community of Central African States came into existence?

8. In which year, some more commercial banks in addition to the first lot of 141 were nationalised in India?

9. The mapping of which part of earthis most difficult?

10. Which Urdu poets was invited, to the Second and Third Round Table Conference?

11. What is the connecting link between Annelida and Mollusca?

12. Howmnay subjects are in the Concurrent List?

13. A small weight is put on the pressure cooker. It increases the pressure of the steam. Why?

14. Which is the second most abundant metal in the earth’s crust?

15. Which first movement was launched against the British in India?

16. When did East African Development Bank come into force?

17. Who has directed the film ‘Sardar’?

18. What is also known as green protozo?

19. The tropopause occurs at the equator at a height of howmany kilometers?

20. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the Second Round Table Conference?

Answer :

1. Classical dance 2. ATP 3. Parliament 4. Millet 5. George Yule 6. Red phosphorus 7. 1983 8. 1980 9. Interior of the

earth 10. Muhammad Iqbal 11. Neopalina 12. 47 subjects 13. Area of contact is small 14. Aluminium 15. Swadeshi

Movement 16. 1967 17. Ketan Mehta 18. Euglena 19. 17 km 20. Ramsay Macdonald

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