1. The pressure at the bottom of a liquid tank does not depend on which area?

2. ‘Chinaman’ refers to which game?

3. In human body, into which does the pancreas secretes its enzymes?

4. What does increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere cause?

5. What is Apabhramsa?

6. Which language is not recognised in the 8th Schedule though it is an official language of a State?

7. With the rise of temperature, what will be the surface tension of a liquid?

8. Who was the first woman minister of a state?

9. In the Southern hemisphere the Westerlies blow from which side?

10. In which reign was the first Buddhist Council held?

11. Among the remedies of inflation, what can we include?

12. Which compound is used in anti-malarial drug?

13. A Judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of howmany years?

14. Which country celebrates Christmas festival in summer season?

15. Which ruler of India who ruled over territories in Central Asia beyond the Pamirs?

16. What does Soda water contain?

17. Who was the architect of North and South Blocks of Central Secretariat in Delhi?

18. Next to Hindi, which is the language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian sub-continent?

19. In which season is the frequency of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal maximum?

20. By whom was Saka era founded?

Answer :

1. Area of the liquid surface 2. Cricket 3. Duodenum 4. Rise in earth temperature 5. A work of the Jains 6. English 7.

Decreases 8. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur 9. North west 10. Ajatashatru 11. Lowering bank rate 12. Chloroquin 13. 65 years

14. Australia 15. Kanishka 16. Carbon dioxide 17. Sir Edward Lutyens 18. Bengali 19. After summer 20. Kanishka

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