1. The salivary gland secrete saliva that contains which enzyme?

2. What does the power of judicial review ensure?

3. Total internal reflection can take place when light travels from which thing?

4. Which country has the largest known reserves of oil?

5. The temples built during the medieval period by which dynasty are known as 'Seven Pagodas' ?

6. If saving exceeds investment, how will the national income?

7. Which was the first India satellite to go into orbit?

8.Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood?

9. Who gave the idea that originally there was only one continent called Pangea?

10. Which Sultan added the Alai Darwaza to the Qutab Minar?

11. With which amendment act has Panchayati Raj received constitutional status?

12. Which major component is used in preparation of different types of glasses?

13. Which region is culturally closer to India but ethnically closer to China?

14. Which processe of weathering belongs to both mechanical and chemical weathering?

15. 'Arhai-Din-Ka Jhonpra' built by Qutbuddin Aibak, where is this located?

16. By whom was the first estimate of national income in India made?

17. In human beings, normally in which part, does the sperm fertilize the ovum?

18. By which committee were Mandai Panchayats recommended?

19. Which countries have achieved a negative growth rate of population?

20. Akbar founded his own religion known as ‘Din-i-Ilahi’ what was its mean?

Answer : 

1. Ptyalin 2. The constitutionality of laws 3. Diamond to glass 4. Kuwait 5. Pallavas 6. Remain constant 7. Aryabhatta

8. Glucose 9. Wegener 10. Alauddin Khalji 11. 73rd 12. Silica 13. South-East Asia 14. Crystallization 15. Ajmer 16.

Dadabhai Naoroji 17. Fallopian tube 18. Ashok Mehta Committee 19. Australia, Canada and Sweden 20. Divine faith

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