1. Which Act gave representation to Indians for the first time in the Legislature?

2. By which can the location and energy of an electron in an atom be specified?

3. What was the decentralisation system recommended?

4. Which is softwood from coniferous forest?

5. Where has the world’s largest monolithic statue of Buddha been installed?

6. Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?

7. Which statement is true with respect to Leukaemia?

8. By whom the rank of the different Ministers in the Union Council of Ministers is determined?

9. Hardwood tree like mahogany and ebony are found in which forests?

10. Who taught the doctrine of Shunyata (Shunyavad)?

11. When viewed in white light, why do soap bubbles show colours?

12. The famous sportsman Michael Jordan is associated with which game?

13. During which prime minister was the strategy of Rolling plan was adopted?

14. If you want to visit sambhar lake, to which state you will go?

15. Who appointed Ibn Batuta as the Chief Qazi of Delhi?

16. What is the best method for improving the nutrient composition of a diet’?

17. By whom was collective responsibility of the Cabinet introduced in India?

18. Which is also called Stranger Gas?

19. Which crop are grain with the on set of mansoon & are harvested in September-October?

20. Which philosophical system was founded by Vallabhacharya?

Answer :

1. Government of India Act, 1935 2. Quantum numbers 3. Balwant Rai Mehta 4. Pine 5. Bamiyan 6. Mother Teresa

7. Number of WBCs increases in blood 8. Prime Minister 9. Equatorial forest 10. Nagarjuna 11. Because of interfer-

ence 12. Basket ball 13. Morarji Desai 14. Rajasthan 15. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq 16. By combining various foods

17. Constitution of India 18. Xenon 19. Kharif 20. Suddhadvaita

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