1. What is the age of retirement of the Judges of the High Court?

2. In methane molecule how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged?

3. Which industry earns the second highest net foreign exchange from the trade?

4. In which vally is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?

5. When the East India Company came into existence, By whom was England was ruled?

6. When is World Mental Health Day, recognized by the UN is observed?

7. By which is the Atmosphere of big metropolition cities is polluted most?

8. By whom the oath to a High Court Judge is administered?

9. Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?

10. Who was the Mughal emperor at the time of Ahmed Shah Abdali’s invasion of India?

11. When the temperature increases, what does the angle of contact of a liquid?

12. Who was the first Indian woman who owns the gold medal in Asian Games?

13. From which export does India earns maximum foreign exchange?

14. Which Place experiences minimum and maximum temperature?

15. Who is associated with the Local Self- Government Act?

16. Edward Jenner is related with which disease?

17. What is the source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj?

18. Which variety of glass is heat resistant?

19. How is the climate of India is?

20. Under which act was the Supreme Court in British India established?

Answer :

1. 62 years 2. As tetrahedral 3. Engineering goods industry 4. Sutlej valley 5. Tudors 6. October 10 7. Automobile

exhausts 8. Governor 9. Tamil Nadu 10. Shah Alam II 11. Decreases 12. Kamaljit Sandhu 13. Gems and jewellery 14.

28.3°C and 15°C respectively is Leh 15. Ripon 16. Small pox 17. Government grants 18. Pyrex glass 19. Subtropical

monsoon 20. Regulating Act of 1773

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