1. Which day is celebrated as United Nations Day every year?

2. Against which team did Virender Sehwag make his one day international debt?

3. Which gas do not considered as polluting agent of air ?

4. Which connects the ocean floor level with the continental level ?

5. In the Mughal administration, by whom was military recruitment being looked after?

6. How can the States in India borrow from the market?

7. What does the rise of mercury in a barometer indicate?

8. What is One of the main factors that led to rapid expansion of Indian exports?

9. Which is the longest inland waterways in the world?

10. Which was the king generally considered to be the greatest ruler of Kashmir in the 15th century?

11. The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 at which place?

12. Which Scientist first explained about circulatory system?

13. How many States are required to ratify certain Amendments to the Constitution?

14. Which state has smallest land area?

15. Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?

16. Which compound caused tragedy of Bhopal in 1984?

17. With Which game is the Double Fault associated?

18. How is the difference between visible exports and visible imports defined?

19. Which are the two volcanic islands in the Indian territory?

20. Who translated Ramayana into Persian?

Answer :

1. 24th October 2. Pakistan 3. CO2

 4. Continental slope 5. Bakshi 6. Only with the consent of the Centre 7. Fair

weather 8. Liberalisation of the economy 9. Mississippi river system 10. Zain-ul-Abidin 11. Hamilton (Canade) 12.

William Harvey 13. Not less than half the number 14. Goa 15. Jehangir 16. Methyl isocynate 17. Football 18. Balance

of trade 19. Narcondam and Barren 20. Badaurii

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