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Question: What is the capital of Meghalaya?
Ans. Shillong
Question: What is the length of national highways in Meghalaya?
Ans. 1,170 km
Question: Which is recognised as the state bird of Meghalaya?
Ans. Hill myna
Question: How many Divisions are in Meghalaya?
Ans. 3 Divisions 
Question: Which is the highest point of the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya?
Ans. Nokrek Peak
Question: Total Numbers of Dams in Meghalaya?
Ans. 7
Question: What is the Sanskrit meaning of Meghalaya?
Ans. Abode of Clouds
Question: Who was the first speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly?
Ans. R. S. Lyngdoh
Question: Which is the only country that borders Meghalaya?
Ans. Bangladesh

Question: Which state is not connected with Meghalaya through National Highways?
Ans. Manipur
Question: The Anglo-Khasi War was started in the year?
Ans. 1829
Question: What nickname did the British imperial authorities give to Shillong during the British rule of India?
Ans. Scotland of the East
Question: Which Bangladeshi division borders Meghalaya to the southern side?
Ans. Mymensingh Division and Sylhet Division
Question: Where are the Muslims of Meghalaya mostly concentrated?
Ans. West Garo Hills
Question: Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
Ans. Williamson A. Sangma
Question: Which system is followed in Meghalaya?
Ans. Matrilineal System
Question: In which year Shillong was made capital of Assam?
Ans. 1874
Question: Which is the tallest plunge waterfall in India?
Ans. Nohkalikai Falls
Question: Who was the first Governor of Meghalaya?
Ans. B.K. Nehru
Question: What is the State Animal of Meghalaya?
Ans. Clouded Leopard
Question: Mary Help of Christians Cathedral in Shillong was founded in the year?
Ans. 1936
Question: Who was the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
Ans. Williamson A. Sangma
Question: Which lake is known as ‘Pung Sajar Nangli’, a man-made historical Lake in Meghalaya?
Ans. Thadlaskein Lake
Question: What is the percentage of the total state population Below the Poverty Line (BPL) as per the record of the Reserve Bank of India in 2012?
Ans. 12%
Question: Who is elected as the first member of Rajya Sabha from Meghalaya?
Ans. Showaless K. Shilla
Question: When did Meghalaya become an autonomous state within Assam?
Ans. 2nd April 1970
Question: Which country is comparable to the size of Meghalaya?
Ans. Belize
Question: Which tree had been used in the making of the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya?
Ans. Ficus Elastica Tree
Question: PA Sangma elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha in the year?
Ans. 1996
Question: Which District is Dawki located in?
Ans. West Jaintia Hills District
Question: When was Meghalaya High Court established?
Ans. March 2013
Question: Who is the first person from Meghalaya to received Padma Shri award?
Ans. Sitamon Sawian
Question: Which is the highest point in Meghalaya?
Ans. Shillong Peak
Question: Purno A. Sangma had been awarded with Padma Vibhushan award in the year?
Ans. 2017
Question: When was Union Christian College, Meghalaya established?
Ans. 1952
Question: Where in Shillong is the North-Eastern Hill University located?
Ans. Mawkynroh Umshing
Question: Which is the largest district by population in Meghalaya?
Ans. East Khasi Hills
Question: Where is Balphakram National Park located?
Ans. South Garo Hills District
Question: The Nohkalikai Falls is located on?
Ans. Cherrapunji
Question: Subansiri dam is situated in-?
Ans. Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh
Question: The Mawlynnong village, which is also known Asia’s cleanest village is located at?
Ans. East Khasi Hills
Question: What is Siju Cave known in English?
Ans. Bat Cave
Question: Which is the longest natural cave in South Asia?
Ans. Krem Liat Prah
Question: Which religion is mostly found in Meghalaya?
Ans. Christianity (74.59%)
Question: The name ‘Meghalaya’ was coined by?
Ans. S.P. Chatterjee
Question: Which district does Shillong Cantonment belong to?
Ans. East Khasi Hills District
Question: What is the species name of “Me’mang Koksi” a local name for the ‘Pitcher Plant’ found in Meghalaya?
Ans. Nepenthes khasiana
Question: Which group of people are mostly found in Meghalaya?
Ans. ST
Question: Which country’s Golf Association Museum considered Shillong Golf Course as the “Glen Eagle of the East”?
Ans. USA
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Question: When was the National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya established?
Ans. 2010
Question: Who is the first person from Meghalaya to received Padma Bhushan award?
Ans. Mrinal Miri
Question: What is the Area rank of Meghalaya amongst the Northeastern state?
Ans. 3rd
Question: What is the full form of NEIGRIHMS?
Ans. North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences
Question: Which section of the plateau in the Garo Hills Region is nearly plain?
Ans. Western Section
Question: What is the literacy rate of Meghalaya according to 2011 census?
Ans. 75.48 %
Question: Which River is related to Khandong Dam?
Ans. Kopili
Question: Total number of members in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly is?
Ans. 60
Question: On which month is the Den’bilsia festival celebrated?
Ans. February
Question: How many Districts are in Meghalaya?
Ans. 11 Districts
Question: When President Rule was first imposed on Meghalaya?
Ans. 1991
Question: When was Baljek Airport inaugurated?
Ans. 2008
Question: Which two district of Assam was carved out to form the state of Meghalaya?
Ans. United Khasi Hills & Jaintia Hills, and Garo Hills
Question: Williamnagar is the district headquaters of?
Ans. East Garo Hills
Question: What is the official language of Meghalaya?
Ans. English
Question: What is the highest average rainfall in some areas of Meghalaya?
Ans. 12,000 mm
Question: Which is the State recognised tree of Meghalaya?
Ans. Gamhar
Question: Which is the smallest district of Meghalaya?
Ans. South West Garo Hills
Question: North Eastern Space Application Centre was established in the year?
Ans. 2000
Question: Under which constituency Conrad Sangma fought for the election of 2018?
Ans. Tura
Question: In which year, UNESCO added Nokrek National Park to its list of Biosphere Reserves?
Ans. 2009
Question: When did Meghalaya receive the status of a full-fledged State by the North-Eastern Areas?
Ans. 1972
Question: Who was the first Inspector General of Police Meghalaya?
Ans. R.C. Dutt
Question: What was the former name of Williamnagar?
Ans. Simsanggre
Question: Where in Tura is the North-Eastern Hill University located?
Ans. Chandmari
Question: Who is the first Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court?
Ans. T. Meena Kumari
Question: As of 2021, how many person had received Padma Shri award from Meghalaya?
Ans. 17
Question: Which Bangladeshi division borders Meghalaya to the western side?
Ans. Rangpur Division
Question: What is the length-to-breadth ratio of Meghalaya?
Ans. 3:1
Question: How many Municipalities are in Meghalaya?
Ans. Three (Shillong, Tura, Jowai)
Question: Which is the largest district of Meghalaya?
Ans. East Khasi Hills
Question: Where is ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region located?
Ans. Umiam
Question: How many campuses does NEHU have?
Ans. Two (Shillong and Tura)
Question: Which is the only Indian state that borders Meghalaya?
Ans. Assam
Question: Which is the wettest region in Meghalaya?
Ans. Mawsynram
Question: Who is the Education Minister of Meghalaya as of 2021?
Ans. Lahkmen Rymbui
Question: How many wildlife sanctuaries are in Meghalaya?
Ans. Three
Question: How many seats does Meghalaya have in the Lok Sabha?
Ans. 2 Seats

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