How much do you know about 1919?

 How much do you know about 1919?


1. Civil War grows, in which country?

2. An uprising takes place in Berlin, led by Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht,

leaders of which extreme left wing organisation?

3. In the U.S. the 18th amendment to the Constitution is ratified.What legal

measure does it provide for?

4. As part of the Paris Peace Conference, President Woodrow Wilson presents the

articles of a new world organisation, designed to avoid conflict.What is it


5. Which American Senator begins an ultimately successful Lodge campaign to

distance the U.S.A from this new organisation?

6. In Italy, who is the founder of the organisation ‘Fasci di Combattimento’?

7. Alcock and Brown are the first aviators to fly the Atlantic non-stop. From where

to where?

8. The Bauhaus School of Design, Building and Crafts is founded in Weimar. By


9. The ballet The Three Cornered Hat is performed to great acclaim.Which

Spanish composer is the writer?

10. For a few months a renowned pianist and composer becomes Premier of

Poland.Who is it?

11. A ‘soviet’ republic is set up in a German city, but it is suppressed within two

months.Which province?

12. Where does the German fleet scuttle itself?

13. Who is the American born woman who becomes the first female Member of

Parliament in the U.K?

14. Which famous French impressionist painter dies?

15. And which former American President dies, at 61?


1. Russia. 2. Spartacists. 3. Prohibition. 4. League of Nations. 5. Henry Cabot. 6. Benito

Mussolini. 7. Newfoundland to Ireland. 8.Walter Gropius. 9. Manuel de Falla. 10.

Ignace Paderewski. 11. Munich. 12. Scapa Flow. 13. Nancy Astor. 14. Pierre-August

Renoir. 15.Theodore Roosevelt

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