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How much do you know about German sayings?

How much do you know about German



1. What does ‘Achtung’ mean?

2. What does ‘Angst’ mean?

3. What does ‘Anschauung’ mean?

4. What does ‘Auf wiedersehen’ mean?

5. What is a ‘Doppelganger’?

6. What do we mean by ‘Dummkopf’?

7. What does ‘Ersatz’ mean?

8. What is a ‘Gastarbeiter’?

9. What do we mean by ‘Jugendstil’?

10. What is ‘Kitsch’?

11. What do we experience when we feel ‘Schadenfreude’?

12. What is a ‘Wunderkind’?

13. What did ‘Wehrmacht’ mean?

14. What is meant by ‘Realpolitik’?

15. What does ‘Ich dien’ mean?


1.Attention! 2.Anxiety. 3.Viewpoint. 4. Until we see each other again. 5.A double. 6.

Idiot. 7. Substitute. 8. Guest worker, foreign worker. 9.Art nouveau. 10. Cheap, vulgar,

worthless art. 11. Joy in another’s misfortune. 12.Wonder child. 13. Defence forces.

14.A totally realistic and opportunistic approach to politics. 15. I serve.

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