How much do you know about Madrid?

 How much do you know about Madrid?


1. What is the name of the river upon which Madrid stands?

2. The traditional centre of Madrid is a crescent shaped square called …?

3. What is the name of the old square built in 1617 where bullfights and

executions of heretics took place?

4. What is the name of the great museum, particularly rich in collections of Goya;

Velazquez and El Greco?

5. The botanical and zoological gardens are called …?

6. What is the name of the residence of the King?

7. Until the 10th century Madrid was only a Moorish fortress.What was its


8. In what year did Philip II move the Spanish court to Madrid?

9. When did it replace Valladolid as the Capital of Spain?

10. What is the traditional nickname of the Madrilenos (the people of Madrid)?

11. Who was the ruler of Spain who lived in Madrid from 1808 until 1812?

12. What was one of the (more complimentary) nicknames given to him by Los


13. What is the name of the national parliament?

14. Madrid boasts two fine professional football stadiums. Please name one of


15. What is the name of the major bullring?


1.The Manzanares 2. Puerta del Sol 3. Plaza Mayor 4.The Prado 5.The Buen Retiro

Park 6. Zarzuela Palace 7.To protect Toledo 8. 1561 9. 1607 10. Los Gatos (The Cats)

11. Joseph Bonaparte 12. El Rey Plazuelas (King of the Small Squares) 13. El Corte

14. Santiago Bernabeu or Vicente Calderon 15. Monumental de las Ventas

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