1. Who was the only Indian woman who became President of WHO?

2. When water is heated from 0 degree C to 20 degree C, how does its volume change?

3. Which is a form of heart disease in which blood supply to the heart is inadequate?

4. Which natural region is best known for the production of grapes?

5. Which is an example of Mauryan art ?

6. To whom does UPSC submit its annual report on its work?

7. What are soaps?

8. In India, in which was the service tax first introduced?

9. Which country is well known for diamond cutting industry ?

10. At the instance of which rular was the Kallashanath Temple at Ellora excavated?

11. Which is the first geostationary telecommunication satellite of India?

12. Which animal breathes through the skin?

13. Under whose signature are the members of All-India Services appointed?

14. Which country are World’s leading producer of fertilizers?

15. Where is the temple of Angkorvat?

16. If the angle between two plane mirrors is 60°; then how many number of image will be formed?

17. Late Raja Ravi Verma, was an eminent figure in which field?

18. Under which do all taxes come?

19. Which is the largest temperate desert of the world?

20. In whose rule was Islam, as the state religion, abolished?

Answer :

1. Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur 2. It shall increase 3. Angina 4. Mediterranean 5. Bull capital, Rampurva 6. The Union

Home Minister 7. Sodium or potassium salts of heavier fatty acids 8. 1994 9. Belgium 10. Krishna I 11. APPLE 12.

Frog 13. President 14. U.S.A.-Russia 15. In Cambodia 16. 5 17. Painting 18. Revenue receipts 19. Patagonian desert

20. Akbar

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