1. Who is the youngest player to score a century in test cricket?

2. Which was the lady to win the Wimbledon singles title successfully nine times?

3. There are approximately howmany muscles in human body?

4. How does the earth rotate around its axis?

5. Who ‘was killed by Shivaji?

6. By whom is Agricultural Income Tax assigned to the State Governments?

7. Which substance is used as antiknock compound?

8. Terms of economics, which recession occurring two times with a small gap in between?

9. What is the plane of contact of the troposphere and stratosphere?

10. Who usurped the throne of Magadlia in 322 B. C. ?

11. Which personality is credited with starting ‘Vana Mahotsava’ in 1950 ?

12. The deficiency of which leads to dental caries?

13. Trade Union comes under which List?

14. Which instrument used for measuring relative humidity in air?

15. Who is said to have conquered the land between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal ?

16. What is the SI unit of Young’s modulus of elasticity?

17. ‘I have nothing to offer except blood, sweat and tears’ was said by which person?

18. What is the mean of Cheap Money?

19. Which is Zebras inhabit?

20. Which ruler of southern India were the contemporaries of kings of the Gupta empire?

Answer :

1. Mobd, Ashraful 2. Martina Navratilova 3. 700 4. From west to east 5. Afzal Khan 6. By the Constitution of India

7. TEL 8. Deep Recession 9. Tropopause 10. Chandragupta Maurya 11. K. M. Munshi 12. Fluorine 13. Concurrent

list 14. Hygrograph 15. Bindusara 16. Newton/m2 17. Churchill 18. Low Rate of Interest 19. Savanna lands 20.


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