1. How can Permanent hardness of water be removed?

2. The Sun City is located in which continent?

3. Which situation makes a firm most efficient?

4. On the shore of which counrty cold currents have cooling effect?

5. Which pioneer was in preaching Nirguna Bhakti in medieval India?

6. Which animal have no blood but they respire?

7. Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?

8. To an observer on the lunar surface, during the day time, how will the sky appear?

9. The important fishing areas called Grand Bank and Georges Bank located in which region?

10. Which lady wrote a historical account during the Mughal Period?

11. Among the SAARC country, which is the most densely populated country?

12. What is the total number of judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)?

13. What is known as venus’s flower?

14. Sunda Trench lies in which ocean?

15. Between which the Battle of Khanwa was fought?

16. By which is in In practice the policy of the Government shaped?

17. What is Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength?

18. During which prime minister was the strategy of Rolling plan was adopted?

19. Aravalli ranges are an example of which mountains?

20. Which war was ended by the Treaty of Madras?

Answer :

1. By adding washing soda 2. South Africa3. Lowest average costs 4. Peru 5. Ramananda 6. Hydra 7. Dr. B. R.

Ambedkar 8. Black 9. North-west Atlantic10. Gulbadan Begam 11. Bangladesh 12. 15 13. Euplectella 14. Indian

Ocean 15. Babar and Rana Sanga 16. The Cabinet 17. Radio waves 18. Morarji Desai 19. Residual mountains 20. First

Mysore war

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