1. Whose prior consent can the Money Bills be introduced in the State Legislature?

2. If one wants to throw a cricket ball to the maximum distance, then at which angle should he throw it ?

3. Through which methods is the national income of India estimated mainly?

4. What is the first month of the ‘Saka era’?

5. Who were popularly known as Red Shirts?

6. Which was the 1st non Test playing country to befit India in an international match?

7. Which type of experiment has the maximum spatial scale?

8. ‘Holding a ‘Bandh’ was declared illegal for the first time in India by which High Courts?

9. Rotation of the earth causes deflection of wind by which force?

10. Who is known as the Ught of Asia?

11. What is generally present in tonics?

12. Who won the Hockey Gold (men) in the 1992 Barcelona Games?

13. Which are referred to as the developed economies?

14. Which component of the atmosphere has increased during the last 200 years?

15. Which king was an ardent follower of Jainism?

16. Which are two richest known sources of edible protein?

17. Who was the Finance Minister of India in the Interim Government during 1946-1947 ?

18. How are Air-pockets that cause aircrafts to lose altitude suddenly caused?

19. Which region is the world’s best cod-fishing ground?

20. In which century did the famous Chinese pilgrim Fahien visit India?

Answer :

1. Governor 2. 45° 3. Production and income methods 4. Chaitra 5. Khudai Khidmatgars 6. Sri Lanka 7. Natural

experiment 8. Kerala High Court 9. Coriolis force 10. Lord Buddha 11. Ethanol 12. Germany 13. Countries having

large per capita income 14. Carbon dioxide 15. Kharavela 16. Soy-bean and groundnut 17. R. K. Shanmukham

Chetty 18. Temperature inversions 19. North-east Atlantic 20. 5th century AD

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