1. For which sport is the Val Barker Cup awarded in the Olympic Games?

2. Who is the player to claim 50 ODI wickets in least number of matches?

3. Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?

4. Which are the Soils that developed in humid tropical regions?

5. Which was the official language of Gupta period?

6. What Minimum age is required to contest for Presidentship?

7. What does mixture of CS2

 and H2

S on passing over heated copper give?

8. Who long do the World Bank and IMF give respectively?

9. ‘Syntaxial Bent’ is a feature of which range?

10. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea-route to India in which year?

11. Which is the most ancient musical instrument?

12. Which is a round worm that enters man’s body through the soles of the feet?

13. In case a President dies while in office, for howmany months can the Vice-President act as President?

14. Which waterfall in India has the most height?

15. Which was capital of Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab?

16. What is the escape velocity of a particle of mass m varies?

17. Which deals of ‘Art of Warfare’ ?

18. Which country is the largest debtor of UNO?

19. Which Indian port leads in imports?

20. Of which metal were the tools and weapons of Harappan civilisation?

Answer :

1. Boxing 2. Ajantha Mendis 3. Vitamins 4. Laterite 5. Sanskrit 6. 35 years 7. Methane 8. Long term and short term

credits 9. Himalayas 10. 1498 11. Veena 12. Hookworm 13. 6 months 14. Kunchikal Falls 15. Lahore 16. mo 17. Chhao

of Mayurbhanj 18. U.S. 19. Mumbai 20. Copper, tin and bronze

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